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Training Companions

Training Bootcamp

Training Bootcamp

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This is a pick up and drop off service where your dog will receive: 

• Socialization training with all kinds of ages and breeds of dogs. Structured play that is closely monitored for any dominance games, aggression, bullying, etc.

• Nature hikes at nearby state parks to enact their primal instincts. An opportunity to get them out of city life, smelling other animals, and enjoying the great outdoors.

• Training in agility courses.

• Fun by the water. The beach is a couple miles away where we take them to teach them to be calm and confident walking on sand and getting into water. We also have parks nearby with water playgrounds to introduce them to other water sources.

• Training Companions is dedicated to ensuring a safe and fun stay for your pup while re enforcing any training they have learned.

• We are located in North Andrews Gardens, fenced in yard and your companion will always be taken care of.

•We provide daily updates and pictures while your dog is with us and will ensure any diets or specific requests needed such as medication administration or monitoring of injuries.

• Pick up and drop off available in Fort Lauderdale, Pompano, and Hollywood.  

• One month long course

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