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  • Our Vision:

    We create transformational experiences by building bonds of teamwork, loyalty, and companionship

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    We make you a confident pack leader by implementing simple and effective tools

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Training Packages

  • Gibson - Boxer

    I learned how to identify normal dog behavior.  I'm more effective encouraging good behavior and correcting bad behavior now using techniques that work for Gibson. Your method for teaching is unique and worked in a remarkably short period of time.

  • Jake - Pitbull Mix

     I 💯 percent recommend the training. Anel and Kaitlyn are fully knowledgeable on how to manage your dog. They take time to explain and having them accompany you with your dog in your neighborhood allows you to work out any challenges you have with your dog. I was amazed how the gentle leader shifted his attention from taking control. He was so calm it was a pleasure to walk him.

  • Uma - Frenchie

    Look no further for any dog training. You get the best of the best. Genuine love and passion for what they do to ensure your pet has a beautiful quality of life with purpose. Along with you as well building a strong bond with your pet. Extremely knowledgeable. The experience will show in your pets performance and care. Best in the business by a landslide.

  • Fuji - Golden Retriever

    Anel and Kaitlyn have been with us since our golden, Fuji, was 3 months old-training and dog-sitting. They are the bomb!! And the reason Fuji is the dog he is today at 1 year. They have acclimated him to get along with all dogs, he walks on a leash perfectly, and they help us to address specific behaviors of puppy life! We highly recommend Training Companions to anyone that really is looking for a partner to train their dogs for life!

Dog Sitting

Training Companions ceates transformational experiences by building bonds of teamwork, loyalty and companionship.

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